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Boat Rentals - Jet Ski Rentals - Launching On the Narrows of Glen Lake since 1988

We Have the Boats and Water - You Have all the Fun!
Photograph of Glen Lake

The two combined Glen Lakes - Big Glen Lake and Little Glen Lake - have over 6,000 acres of surface water which many boaters and fishing enthusiasts enjoy during the summer months in Leelanau County. Big Glen Lake has a depth of up to 130 feet, and Little Glen Lake has a maximum depth of 13 feet. Both lakes are perfect for fishing, whiling away the day leisurely exploring the lakes and enjoying the shoreline from our pontoon boats and deck boats, and for those wanting to ride the waves with the adventure of the wind we also have Jet-Skis available for rent. Photograph of Glen Lake Set aside some evening time while you are near Glen Lake to enjoy the sunset over Glen Lake.

Visitors to Glen Lake enjoy the versatility of all four seasons. Glen Lake Marine and Manitou Motorsports make the summer boating season on Glen Lake the favorite season for many who come to enjoy the water activities of Glen Lake.

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Glen Lake Marine
Manitou Motorsports
M-72 in Empire near Glen Arbor Launching at the Glen Lake Narrows

You Choose Your Boating Experience - We Have the Boats!

Our rental rates are very reasonable and are designed to fit what you want to do on the water. We include free skis and tubes, and all safety equipment. Free delivery is also included if you will be using the boat or jet ski on Glen Lake. There is an additional fee to deliver the boats to other lakes in the Leelanau County area.

We have also created convenient blocks of time for you to get the maximum amount of pleasure during your boating experience. Please reference our Rental Rates on this page for the rates and blocks of time available.

The Clear and Pure Iridescent Indigo Blue Water of Glen Lake is Perfect for Fishing

Glen Lake Marine boat launching on the narrows of Glen Lake

Luckily our fishing boats are available for daily rentals. Once fishermen get on Glen Lake and cast the first line, they become hooked on the beauty of the lakes and the spectacular wooded and rolling hills near the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It helps too that in the near crystal clear water - which is filtered by the surrounding and underlying sand - are plenty of yellow perch, smallmouth bass, northern pike, brown trout, and lake trout to catch.

Fishing on Glen Lake all day in one of Glen Lake Marine's rented fishing boats is a favorite pastime with locals and tourists alike. (Bait is not included, but delivery to Glen Lake is always free!)

Pontoon and Deck Boats are Perfect for Entertaining and Family Time

Take a day or two, or even a whole week, and spend most of it on one of our pontoon boats or deck boats.

Pontoon boats and deck boats are perfect for gathering your friends and family together to spend some quality time just enjoying being together on such a beautiful lake.

Pack a picnic, grab some music and a chest of ice and head out to the middle of the lake and savor the spectacular scenery, embrace the breeze, and laugh and talk away the day. Take a dip, get silly, and take your time relaxing and enjoying being on Glen Lake. Cruise around the shore and spend some time looking at the many diverse homes and historic cottages on Glen Lake. No two are alike! You will find everything from simple fishing cabins to huge mansions along the shores of Glen Lake.

Glen Lake Marine Covers Both Ends of the Summer Boating Season

In the fall, and before the snow falls, we begin the process of winterization for local boat owners. We shrink-wrap boats, remove boat docks and hoists, and begin the process of storing, on site at Glen Lake Marine, boats for winter storage.

Please click to call 231.326.5666 or 231.883.9417 to make your reservations for inside boat storage.

In the springtime we reverse the process. After the ice melts we are busy installing docks and boat hoists along the shores of Glen Lake and we begin the process of pulling boats out of their winter storage at Glen Lake Marine.

We are also involved with the installation and removal of Shorestation Lakefront Systems (


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